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A real job (Drawing: Chair with pillows and blue t-shirt)

by Henk ter Heide on Monday August 6, 2007

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Tomorrow I have a apointment at BAVO RNO. That is an organisation that helps people with autism to find a suitable job. At the moment I’m working at the sheltered workplace Promen in Gouda who also should have given me a suitable job but instead they have me doing unskilled labor.

Mind numbing job

When I say unskilled I really mean very stupid work. At the moment I’m one of a two person team cutting ends of rubber to size. Last thursday I had a headache and worked with my eyes closed. Still my work was of such quality that nobody noticed.
Sadly that’s more due to the stupidity of the job then to my skills.

better job

Three months ago I did an intake interview at BAVO RNO. They told me about a methode they use to figure out what kind of work you’d like to do. Then they school you (if nessesary) and help you find a job.
I’m hoping I’ll be able to get something that involves a little programming.
In any event I should be getting work that pays a little more. Which hopefully will mean that I can work fewer hours and spend more time drawing and writing for this blog.

Reading about art

The only thing I remember from my art history lessons in school was that they were very boring. But since I’m doing a site about drawing and art I though it would be a good idea to read a bit about art.
Luckily the library has a large collection.

Although I’ve only just started I’m already finding that art history isn’t at all like I remember. Maybe I’ve changed but it’s very interesting to read about all those famous painters.

As a sort of bonus I’m finding that reading about art is giving me all sorts of idea for drawings I could make and techniques I should try.

Van Gogh

One of the painters I’ve been reading about is Van Gogh. It seams that the famous story about him that I remember from school isn’t true. The one about him painting for his whole live without ever selling a painting isn’t entirely right.
He did sell some painting and, more important, he was reconized by is peers as doing ground breaking work. It’s just that not everybody liked the work he was doing.

Chair with pillows and blue t-shirt

One of the funny things I read about Van Gogh was that when he was in an asylum he just went on painting. Lacking other subjects he did many paintings of the furniture of his room.

After reading that I realize something that I never thought about.
I tend to think of my furniture as very common because I see it on a daily basis.
But actually there are only a few people who have ever seen my furniture. Which means it’s as good a subject for a drawing as anything I could arrange.

Chair with pillows and blue t-shirt
Chair with pillows and blue t-shirt

Less perfect

I came across the website of a Dutch painter living and working in Wales. He has a vague style of painting. It’s just as though you looked through the wrong glasses.
I wanted to do the drawing of the chair in that style but although I couldn’t, it did help me. Instead of trying to get every detail perfect I tried to capture the chair as a whole.

Featured at See me draw

This is by far the strangest site I’ve come across up till now.
Apparently Scott Wade has very dirty cars which he uses as canvas to draw.


Promen is running out of work (drawing: Truck 1th sketch)

by Henk ter Heide on Monday June 18, 2007

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I’m again on sick leave. Again.

I was working at Promen‘s branch in Cappelle aan de Ijsel but they run out of work a few weeks ago. Thinking that was temporary I took some holidays but I’ve none left and still there is no work.

Since they run out of options they pressured me to except placement at the “doorstroom afdeling” (the overflow department) in Gouda. Every department in Gouda I’ve ever worked turned out to be very chaotic and I feared that would also be the case with the Overflow department.
Truck 1th sketch
Truch 1th sketch

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The Overflow department is the department for people for whom Promen hasn’t any work. Nothing at this department is organized. People are just placed in this room, some product is dumped in the room and people are told to fend for them selves.

Nobody knows what is expected of them so they all roam the room looking for something to do. The moment that someone has some idea of what he could do every other person in room jumps in. Resulting in a situation where ten people are doing a job that would go better when it was done by two people.

I was brought there last Wednesday and endured it for about an hour before I fled. The second day was little better and I fled after two hours. The third day I called in sick.

I’m not quit sure what will happen next. According to the agreement I have with Promen they should place me at the department in Cappelle aan de Ijsel but they don’t have work. Promen will probably claim that this are circumstances beyond there control, which isn’t actually the case. It has been known for a few years that the demand for unskilled labor would change when the¬†European Union would open the border eastern Europe. Promen just didn’t act on this change.

I’ll just wait and see. In the mean time I can work on my drawings.


Awakening (Sketch: Pointed ears)

by Henk ter Heide on Wednesday April 11, 2007

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This morning I had an intake with a organisation called BAVO RNO (dutch). BAVO RNO guides people with mental disorders and people with autism with problems ranging from having problems with how you should deal with friend to what kind of job you should have, how to find it and how to keep it.

The last few years I’ve been working at a company called Promen. Promen is a sheltered workplace. This campony is supposed to create jobs that fit someones impairment. But all they have to offer is unskilled labor. The other problem with them is that they’re very badly organized. As a result it is next to impossible to get them to stick to an agreement.

Pointed ears

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Working with them has been very tiring. To the point my brain sort of shut down and I couldn’t think about anything but the stupid work I was doing. And off course autistics don’t regnize there own feelings so I only knew that I felt bad.

The last few month, ever since I learned that I’m autistic, have been a kind of awakening. I now know what kind of circumstance tire me. Mostly in circumstances where I have to talk a lot I tire easy. Finding that I’v a photographic memory, starting with drawing, starting with this blog are all things that have me using my brain again.

Getting a job were I can use my brain is the next step on that road. That’s were BAVO RNO comes in. They actually have a plan. A few steps they help you take to find what kind of work would suit you. A relief after Promen. This man actually recognized my enthusiasm and liked it.