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One wrong move

by Henk ter Heide on Monday April 16, 2012

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I accidentally pushed the publish button instead of the save draft button
and you lot got a very large post with tiny pictures. ๐Ÿ™
Oh well, there’s plenty more where those came from. I just have to find me
some more. ๐Ÿ™‚


Say NO to ACTA

by Henk ter Heide on Sunday January 22, 2012

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It seems that the threads to the freedom of speech of ordinary people and there ability to earn an honest living is even bigger then the struggle against SOPA suggested.


Learn more and take action about ACTA at
(subtitles included : fr, en, es, de, it, nl, se, pt, ro, ca, hu, gr, …)

Here are few ways to act against ACTA, right now:

Ongoing translation and subtitling efforts:

Full script:

Can you imagine your Internet Service Provider policing everything you do online?
Can you imagine generic drugs that could save lives being banned?
Can you imagine seeds that could feed 1000’s being controlled and withheld in the name of patents?

This will become reality with ACTA.

ACTA is the Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement.
Disguised as a Trade Agreement, ACTA goes much, much further than that.

For the past 3 years, ACTA has been negotiated in secret by 39 countries.
But the negotiators are not democratically elected representatives.
They don’t represent us, but they are deciding laws behind our backs.

Bypassing our democratic processes, they impose new criminal sanctions to stop online file sharing.

ACTA aims to make Internet Service & Access Providers legally responsible for what their users do online, turning them into Private Copyright Police & Judge, censoring their networks.
The chilling effects on free speech would be terrible.

In the name of patents, ACTA would give large corporations the power to stop generic drugs before they reach them people who need them, and stop the use of certain seeds for crops.

The European Parliament will soon vote on ACTA.
This vote will be the occasion to say no once and for all to this dangerous treaty.
As citizens, we must urge our representatives to reject ACTA.


Learn more, Take action

A film directed by
Benoรฎt Musereau

Script by
La Quadrature du Net

Animated by
Morgan Dupuy

Designed by
Marion Leblanc

Voice by
Axel Simon

Music by

La Quadrature du Net
CC-By-SA 2011-10
News & Politics
ACTA Copyright Police Trade Agreement Sharing Internet seeds Generic Drugs Educational
Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)



by Henk ter Heide on Tuesday January 17, 2012

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Tomorow is stop SOPA day.
If the plugin does what it is supposed to do you’ll find this website
replaced by one page contain something like the story below:



So why am I joining in with this protest.
How could American law hurt a tiny website written by someone living in the

Well, I’m no legal expert.
But as I understand it, this law could be used to black out any website
anywhere in the world. That means that this kind of law can be used to
blackmail sites out of existent.
Having the ability to send a take down notice without having to prove to a
judge that a site is infringing on your copyright or even that you own the
copyright. Means that any American can use this law to make money.

Nowadays there are already little companies who earn their money as copyright trolls.
If this bill comes into law, domain trolls will send thousands of take down
notices to every .com .net and .org domain owner on the planet demanding to
pay for copyright infringement or else they will shutdown your site.

Even if the domain owner can prove that he isn’t infringing on someones
copyright his domain still could be shut down.
And off course, as is always the case with black mail, there is no limit to
the amount of take down notices one domain owner could get.
I could get thousand of take down notices a year.

In the worst case I could of course register (actually I
have, just in case).
But having a Dutch domain isn’t the same as having an .com domain.
I like to write in English and I like the thought that people all over the
world read my words.
Dutch domains are expected to be in Dutch. And although there are people out
side the Netherlands that can read Dutch.
They don’t visit Dutch sites.

I can only share my stories with the whole world if the American Government
is prevented from creating this kinds of laws.



by Henk ter Heide on Monday October 31, 2011

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Serendipity – The interesting stuff you find while looking for something else – must be one of the best words in the English language.
It’s also a necessity on the internet.
How else would you find all those interesting sites you never knew existed.

I don’t remember what I was googling a few weeks ago when I came across a site that could calculate how much any given site could earn by advertising.
Ever wanted to know what is making? A killing I should expect.
I couldn’t resist entering the url for this site and see what I’m missing out of.
It turns out that I could earn nearly 2 euro a day. 60 euro a month.
Which is just enough to buy me lunch in my day job.
Hardly worth the effort of adding the codes.

But thinking about a little more I realized that this was hardly a fair judgement.
This site has never been more that a distraction.
I’ve posted articles about drawing, articles about other peoples art and stories.
But never for more then a few weeks in a row.
After a few weeks I get side tracked by some other interest and don’t come back for a few months.
I never put in the work needed to get thousands of readers.

It could be interesting to figure out what I could do with this site.
And to figure out what I want to do with this site.

As you’ll have seen I entered the code for advertising a few days ago.
I also had a nice surprise.
In 2008 I experimented with ads for a while. After earning a few cents I lost interest and took them of my site.
I did leave them on my search results page, but forgot all about them.
Turns out that I earned 22 euro in 2009 and 2010.

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Change of course

by Henk ter Heide on Saturday June 12, 2010

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change of course


Selling shoes

by Henk ter Heide on Sunday April 11, 2010

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As the regulars among you will have noticed. I have changed my layout and started promoting my art.
Both are things I’ve been dreaming about.
Changing my layout for months. Promoting my art for years. ๐Ÿ™‚

To see my new layout there’s no alternative to visiting my site.
But in short I have cleaned it up.
I’ve created a basic layout that showcases my art without all the clutter to encourage people to visit other pages.
If you are interested you’ll find the tag cloud, categories and history of this site on the “archive” page.

How to promote my drawings. Or even, if I should promote my drawings is something that I’ve been doubting for years.
If I compare my work to that of people like Van Gogh or Rembrandt how would I even dare to promote my drawings.
But an article by Seth Godin (he advises entrepreneurs) pointed me in the right direction.

A shoe salesman only has to prove that his shoes are better then those of his competitor.
My job is a little more complicated.
I don’t have to prove to you that my art is better then that of other artist.
I have to get you to buy art.

That job turns out to be far more challenging then you would think.

Everybody who reads this site regularly knows that they need art.
That is why they read this site.
The problem is that they don’t know how much art they should buy.

It’s easy when you are very rich.
Someone like Bill Gates buys art as an investment and gets to enjoy it to.
But what about us regular people?
How much art do we need?

Godin advises to just take an arbitrary figure. Something you can maintain.
So I’m assuming that you are a about the same as me. I have my good months and my bad months. But I could spend 1% of my income on art and enjoy it without having the feeling that I’m robbing myself of something else.


Illustrating a complaint

by Henk ter Heide on Thursday April 2, 2009

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I know this picture isn’t working. Which is strange because if you click through to the Flickr site you’ll find the picture is indeed present.
I’ve tried several times to file a complaint with Flickr but they keep telling me that I should show an example.
So here’s an example.


Posted on Flickr by Raffy Carvalheira

Update: I got an answer from Flickr.

Everytime you change the state of a photo, by replacing it, rotating it,
editing it, or setting it to private or to public, Flickr generates new
filenames for it. It’s a security feature to prevent people from linking
to images without permission.

Doing any of these things will permanently break the html code to the
image and you get a “photo is currently unavailable” message on your

You may want to click the link to see if it takes you to the photo page.
If so, you will need to edit the post or make a new post using the fresh


Dropping of the face or the earth and other stuff

by Henk ter Heide on Sunday December 7, 2008

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One week of silence

My regular readers must have thought I fell of the the face of the earth because I stopped posting after the second edition of the Art Showcase blog carnival.
I didn’t. Actually you could say that I fell on the face of the earth. On Tuesday the 25e of November we had some local patches of ice on bridges and bicycle roads. On route to my work, about ten meters from my home, I hit such a spot. I even though I recognized what was wrong it was too late to react to it. My bike and right leg went one way and my left leg went the other way. A second later I lay on my back on the ground and the pain in my left leg told me that something was very wrong.

I was rushed to the hospital and, after an examination, told that my hip was broken and that I would be operated upon to put some screws in the bone. By 11.00 AM (only 4 hours after the accident) I was brought to the operating theater and the bone of my leg was set.
After that they told me that it was only a question of rehabilitating for a few days. The nurse told me that I would most probable be sent home the next Friday.

When they told me that I thought that would be not nearly enough time to learn to walk again. But in highensite it’s clear that it might have been true if they had taken into account that I’m autistic.
I told every doctor and every nurse I talked to but they seem to think that it was not very important.

So at first they had my practice walking with crutches. Which was less then successful. I nearly fell flat on my back. Then they had my practicing with a walker. Which worked a little better.
I could have learned to use the walker and I can learn to walk again. But not simultaneous.
It was only by Monday morning that I realized what was going wrong and suggested that I would be given a rollator. After that walking became a lot easier. Or rather less difficult.
I’ve been told that it will take only 2 or 3 months to learn to walk again.

Henk’s art showcase

The regulars will have noticed that I started posting pictures and pictures of paintings without any text.
Early November I thought it might be a good idea. So I tried it for a few days on a blogger blog and then moved it to this blog. Only I never stopped posting pictures to the blogger blog.
The thing is that I find hundreds of pictures and paintings a day. Of course most aren’t beautiful or interesting enough to post. But I’m still left with far more pictures then I could post here.

Thinking about my readers it dawned on me that it wouldn’t be much use to subscribe to the RSS feed of both blogs if I post the same kind of pictures to both of them.
I’ve been thinking about the difference between the two blogs.
Henk’s art showcase is going to be kind of cosy. I’ll be selection pictures and paintings for there beauty and for the feeling of normality and cosiness. Most paintings and pictures will be of landscapes and buildings. Maybe some people.

See me draw on the other hand will stay the main outlet of my thoughts and feelings.
The pictures and paintings I’ll be posting here will be selected more on what I find interesting then on beauty. Although they can be beautiful. They will be different. Different in the way they are painted or the kind of subject the artists choose.

For a while I thought that I would stop drawing. I even put my drawing box away and was thinking about changing the name of this blog. But I’m getting some new ideas I want to try.
This afternoon I got my drawing box back out and tomorrow I’m going to draw again.
Let’s see where this takes me.


This afternoon I found out that I’m on the 11the place of Twitters with most followers for the Netherlands. That’s nice.
Of course it would be much nicer if I were to reach the first place for the Netherlands. So I would very much appreciate it if you would be willing to follow me on twitter.
If you do you’ll get several things. First you’ll get a listing of all the articles I post on this site. Second you’ll get at least one post a day from Henk’s art showcase. Usually the last post of the day so you can find the others by clicking throught to the older posts.
There’s also a bonus you’ll will only get to see it you subscribe to Twitter. Ones in a while I find a site or a Flickr set with so many beautiful or interesting pictures or paintings that it would be a waste to post only one or two on See me draw or Henk’s art showcase.
I’ll post those sites or Flickr sets only to Twitter.


Ever more computer problems

by Henk ter Heide on Tuesday September 23, 2008

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After the problems I had with my new PC last week I went back to using my old computer. Which worked nicely for a few days. But Saturday windows tried to install the new windows xp sp3 upgrade. After that I started getting blue screens of death.

My dealer advised my to install a pro version of windows xp on my new PC almost guaranteeing that all problems would be solved. But it seems his guarantee isn’t worth very much.
The last few days I’ve been busy installing windows xp pro. But almost immediately I ran into a familiar problem: Windows won’t recognize the usb ports. The same problem I had when I tried to install windows xp on the new PC.
Only this time the problem is even larger. Last week I only had problems when I tried to use my usb mass storage device (external backup harddrive). Now I’ve reach the point where I can’t even use my wireless modem. I can’t connect to Internet to find the right driver.

The funny thing is that about 15 years ago I would have loved a problem like this. A real challenge to get my PC working again. But nowadays a PC is kind of a tool I need to do my work. It should just work.

But anyway I’ve reach the point were I’m willing to through my towel into the rink.
I don’t want to spend more time trying to find a way to get a PC working with windows XP where it is so clearly meant to work with windows Vista.

Using the save mode I’ve set my old PC back to the last working configuration and turned the automatic updates off. That means that I have a limited time to get my new PC working with windows Vista before the old PC gets so buggy that it won’t work anymore.
That could mean that I’ve have less time to work at this blog then I would like but… Since backups are never perfect, I would like to be moved before the old PC runs out of steam.


Watching beauty go by

by Henk ter Heide on Monday May 5, 2008

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Describing the art work of Arne Hoffmann, Lorena Alvarez and Albert Watson.

One of my biggest hobbies is watching people. Just sitting in a little cafe watching the people walk by.
Arne Hoffmann photographs people being beautiful. Either by the way he stages them or by the clothes they wear.

Lorena Alvarez writes books and illustrates them. She shows her lovely illustrations on her flickr site.
Lorana Alvarez does have a website but it is still under construction

Todays Last site is special. Albert Watson Photography Inc is a photography site with a difference. Like many of it’s kind it show you a slideshow of picture. Pictures of people and objects. Some special, some commonplace.
What thing that makes this website jump out is that the slideshow is accompanied with beautiful music. Kind of a mix of classical and modern music.
(One snag. If you watch this site with Firefox you don’t get to see the slideshow.)

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