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Art showcase

Art showcase 3e edition

by Henk ter Heide on Wednesday December 31, 2008

in Art showcase

Describing paintings

by Jay Zuck, ornaments by Ann Storer, drawings by Ainara Del Valle and crafts by Belle.

The first entry for this months Art showcase

is from Jay Zuck’s blog “Sketch of the day”.
He submitted this beautiful impression of someone At the Precipice.
Looking at the rest of his work I found this funny looking Automaton.

I am a little late writing

this month Art Showcase. Usually I do it on Sunday, hence the Sunday morning deadline. But because of the holidays I have a little more time then usual, so I decide to write it on Monday.
As a result I can add an entry that actually came in to late for this edition. But this artist makes art in a way that completely new for me. So I wanted to include it.
Ann Storer uses vector graphics to make beautiful icons and ornaments.
Looking back through her older work I came across a beautiful fiery rendering of an eye.

It’s been said that the job of art

is not to be liked but to get people thinking. I don’t know whether that’s true in general but it is surely true in this next entry.
Looking over the drawings of Ainara Del Valle I must say that I don’t like them. But they do make you think. Some of her drawings have a very clear message. With other I don’t see it.
Looking over the rest of her work I found some advice as to how we should deal with nature.

This next blog isn’t so much an art blog

as it is an crafts blog. But I did enjoy reading it so I will include it in this months Art showcase.
Belle submitted a small article about hair pins that I didn’t like. But looking over the rest of her blog I found one of the strangest recipes I’ve ever seen. I didn’t even know it was possible to make Homemade Laudry Soap.
NB This blog has some problems with the Firefox browser.


Andrew Amelinckx submitted

an other article. This time he uses his beautiful language to describe the Hudson River School of painting.


Art Showcase 2e edition

by Henk ter Heide on Wednesday November 26, 2008

in Art showcase

Describing the art by Edmund Harriss, Adam, Andrew Amelinckx, Annette Berlin and “Indian woman”.

For this second edition of the Art Showcase I’ve received 5 entries. That is including the entry of last month that I couldn’t publish because the artist had server problems.
Last month with only two entries it seemed logical to write about them in the order I received them. But this time I’m going to try a little more balanced approach.

Maxwell’s Demon vain attempts to construct order
For the first entry I’m going for a kind of art you don’t get to see very much. Art by an mathematician showing the kind of order you sometimes find in this world.
In this blog carnival I not only want to show what artist are doing right now. I also want to know where they are coming from. Looking into the articles on “Maxwell’s Demon vain attempts to construct order” I found an article that conveys something that I find very important about artists.
Artists are not necessarily people who have something to say. They are people who have something to show.

Burning Windmill
Looking over the work of artist who submit work I sometimes wonder why this article.
That is especially true for the next artist. “Burning Windmill” is a blog that shows all kinds of lovely and funny stories and pictures of artworks. They submitted a funny story about a giant yellow duck. But looking at the rest of the blog I wonder why they didn’t submit their article about postal art.

Look read listen
One of the things of which I’m truly envious are people who can use words to paint a picture. Andrew Amelinckx uses words in that manner.
In his article The fantistic in the work of JMW Turner he paints a picture of Turners work. Although I actually don’t like Turners paintings, I do like the way Amelinckx describes them.
Looking at the rest of his blog I find an article entitled The longest suicide note in the world: The music of Scott Andrew Poole which is a rather cynical way to describe life.
This time Amelinckx uses his beautiful language to describe the music of Scott Andrew Poole. He also links to his music and it’s actually quite nice.

Craft stew
“Unfortunately, I can’t draw. How do I deal with my lack of talent? By taking public domain graphics and changing them till they suit my needs and my taste.”
This is the comment with which Annette Berlin introduced her self. For me that goes to show that being an artist is not so much a skill as it is a mind set.
In her article 7 ways to make public domain graphics personal she shows how she deals with her lack of skill. And although I’m not sure that I like this particular work it’s certainly different. What is art about if it’s not about being different.
Looking back in her blog I find an article where she shows both her creativity and her willingness to help people Crafty Dollar Store Gifts For Kids

World of the Indian woman
The last entry of this month Art Showcase is not really about art but more about culture. But then again, culture is also about art so I’m mentioning it. Mainly because it’s different and as I said earlier I like art and sites that are different.
I didn’t like the article that was submitted by “Indian woman” so I’m substituting it with this one.
Madhubani paintings: The art of women painters shows how contemporary women use a painting style that’s thousands of years old to create their own work.
NB This article links to a site where you can buy the work. I haven’t researched it so I don’t know if this site is trustworthy or not.


Art showcase 1e edition

by Henk ter Heide on Wednesday October 29, 2008

in Art showcase

Here’s the first edition of the new Art showcase. For this first edition I’ve received three submission (plus a few from people trying to sell me something 🙂 ).

From A.Decker I got a article about a nice drawing he made last year for his his blog Resonant Enigma. He talks about his way of finding inspiration for his drawings.
Looking over his blog I found that I had made a serious omission when I started this blog carnival. Although I haven’t done many reviews about them the in the last year, photography is also a very important form of art.
On mister Deckers blog I found an other nice article about finding inspiration for photographs.

Todays second entry is a nice art review from the blog The Intellectual Hooligan. The review consists of a few very nice picture of something you might call sculptures by Tara Donovan. Especially the first object made from styrofoam cups is brilliant.
Looking through his older posts I found an article with a very long title: It’s The End! Lexicographers and Linguistics Professors Alike Fall Upon Their Swords! Anarchy! Chaos! Terror Stalks The Land!.
The article is about the problems faced by, among others, the modern artist who wants to show his work on the Internet.

I will be holding the third review in reserve because her server is giving an internal error at this moment.
Hopefully this is a temporary problem. If so I will be reviewing this site next month.

Update: The second edition of the Art showcase will be November 26e, 2008.


Show your art

by Henk ter Heide on Tuesday October 7, 2008

in Art showcase

Describing why I started the Art showcase Blog Carnival.

Anyone who has ever started a blog knows that it is very hard to find your audience. You tell your friends. You link to your site from your social bookmarking site. You try to digg yourself.
But with all your efforts you may be lucky if you can get a steady audience of a few dozen people.

For the last year I’ve been featuring a series of artists. But by the nature of the way you find information on the Web, most of those artist were well established. Working for years with their own following and a large number of paintings/drawing/sculptures.

I’ve been thinking that it would be nice to show the work of a few artist who, just like me, have only just started on their journey. Artist who are still learning their craft.
Artist who are juggling a day job with their need to show the world the images and feelings they have in their head and heart.

For that reason I’m starting the Art showcase Blog Carnival.
If you draw, paint or sculpture and you write a blog and you would want to extend your audience, posting an article at Art showcase will be just the thing for you.
Other art Blog Carnivals might demand work of a certain quality, but since you’ve just started you can’t give that. Some Carnivals may seek work of young but promising artist but nobody can say about himself/herself that he/she is promising and to be honest neither can I.
I’m interested in your growth as an artist: Growth in your drawing, painting or sculpting skills. The process by which you find subjects, the way you work with them and learn from them.

You can submit two kinds of articles:

  • Articles in which you show your work either with or without comments. Preferably two articles so you can show where you was a while ago and where you are now. (Enter the second link under “remark”.)
  • Articles in which you talk about your creative process. (For instance articles about: Where you find your inspiration.With what kind of subjects you work. How you develop your skill. etc.)

When you find that I’ve listed your work in the Art Showcase you might feel tempted to link to my site. To show your appreciation and/or to show your friends that you finally got some recognition.
Don’t! Google frowns upon two way links because spammers use them a lot to sell their V*something. (Angering Google will hurt your ability to gain an audience.)
I would, however, appreciate it if you would bookmark this article at any social bookmarking service you use. By doing so you will not only show your appreciation (which is nice), but you will also be helping other starting artist to find the Art Showcase (which is even nicer!).

If you don’t use any social bookmarking service, might I strongly advise you to start doing so. Not only is it a lot of fun to show people links to what ever subject that interests you, but it will also help you to promote your blog.
This being the Internet you’ll find that nobody is interested in a list containing only links to your articles. But there are a lot of people who are interested in the same kind of things that interest you. While looking through your list of interesting websites/articles they will also find your blog.

If you feel that your blog falls in the category of sites that would benefit from a listing in the Art Showcase blog carnival, head over to the entry form and submit your work.