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February 2010


by Henk ter Heide on Sunday February 28, 2010

in Personal

I just saw a video by Seth Godin about shipping.
He mentions something I never realized.
I always thought that being an artist is about making beautiful and interesting drawings. But not according to Seth.
Seth Godin says that any business is about shipping.

And of course he is right.
In the Christmas holiday I started a very complicated drawing that probably will be very beautiful if I ever get it finished.
But like with most complicated drawings that I do. It takes a lot of time to complete and the middle part isn’t very interesting to do.
I haven’t done much drawing the last few months, so I’m still only about one third the way of completing the drawing.

Thinking about this shipping idea I realized that there is a better way to drawing. It would work much better if I draw a lot of these easy, quick drawings. And when I feel like it I’ll intermix them with working on the more complex drawings.

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Denouncing Promen’s embezzlement

by Henk ter Heide on Sunday February 21, 2010

in Personal

A few months ago I promised you a story a day… and dropped of the face of the earth.

The last few months have been a bit tense.
In August, last year, I wrote a letter to the board of my company in which I accused the head of finance of embezzlement.
The board has taken the letter under advisement but hasn’t as yet taken any action to deal with the problem.
The reason being that we are a government funded business and our board members are local council members and there will be a council election in two weeks.

But for some stupid reason this head of finance apparently doesn’t know this.
He seems to think that if he can get rid of me his embezzlement won’t be investigated.
So the last few months he has tried several tricks to get rid of me.
Accused me of abusing a colleague, tried to discredit me.

Tomorrow he is going to offer me a job. Apparently a job where I’m going to get a pay rise of € 100. I know this because I received my bank statement last Friday and my salary is already € 100 up, while I haven’t yet accepted the job.
Does he really think I would be this stupid?