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March 2007

Panic (Drawing: Which branch is the best)

by Henk ter Heide on Sunday March 25, 2007

in Personal

This isn’t the drawing from the last lessen.

We had to bring a picture of a town. So I found this beautiful picture of an old part of a german town. I thought it would have make an beautiful drawing.

But the assignment was to make a ink drawing of the houses and the trees in the picture.

That was where I paniced.

If you draw something with ink you use a technique called crosshatching. Which means that you draw a lot of parallel and crossing lines.
A crosshatched tree looks nothing like a real tree.

Then the teacher started talking about coloring the shades and the feeling of panic became even stronger.

Shade? What shade? I didn’t see any shade. While the rest of the group where still painting and drawing I gathered my things and fled.

After a few days I realised that drawing in ink was just the same as drawing with pencil. I just had to imagine how the drawing would look.

It took a few days more to realise that the pictures in my mind don’t have shades. They have shape, color and structure but no shade.

I suppose that is because the tree at 10 am is the same as the tree at 4 pm. The light comes from a different direction but it’s still the same tree.

Which branch is the best

This drawing is how a ink drawing of a tree might look. It isn’t a real tree but it is a tree.

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Real world (Drawing: A corner)

by Henk ter Heide on Sunday March 11, 2007

in Drawing

I missed a few lessons in which the rest of the group had some more lessons in drawing depth.

When I returned I got the assignment to draw a corner of the room in which the course is given.

A corner

The course is in the attic of this old dutch farmhouse. So if you think it looks like one of the walls is leaning in, that is because it is. To the right you’ll see the heating. I’m not sure whether it’s possible to recognise it if you haven’t seen this type of heating. I don’t remember what the thing on the wall on top of the heating is supposed to be.

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