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February 2007

Drawings versus pictures (Drawing: Three tree drawings)

by Henk ter Heide on Sunday February 25, 2007

in Drawing

This week there was no course since the teacher had some other engagement. So I made some drawings on my own.

There is something wrong with the first drawing but it took me forever to figure it out.

Christmas tree with lighting mistake

The light is supposed to come from above the tree. So if each branch cast a shade on lower branch the dark shade should be above the lighter shade and not below.

The second drawing is save. I know it doesn’t look like a tree but it isn’t supposed to look like a tree.

Is it a tree

By the time I came around to drawing the real tree it hit me. It’s a drawing not a picture. It’s supposed to look like a drawing not like a picture. I have to start out with imagining how the picture will look as a drawing.

Tree grows

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Depth (Drawing: Landscape somewhere in Limburg)

by Henk ter Heide on Sunday February 18, 2007

in Personal

For the second assiment the teacher had a picture of a landscape somewhere in Limburg.

Again I didn’t dare to start. The teacher actualy commented on the fact that I was a slow drawer. She suggested that I use a smaller peace of paper then the 70 x 40 cm sheets we use at the course so I could finish a drawing.

What you see here is the drawing I made at home on a A4 sheet. (Actualy I had already decided to draw on A4 paper because my scanner isn’t big enough for larger sheets of paper.)

Landscape somewhere in Limburg

The purpose of this drawing is to practise the different  techniques to suggest depth.

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Dare to draw (Drawing: Two cactus drawings)

by Henk ter Heide on Sunday February 11, 2007

in Personal

We had to bring a picture of some landscape. I found one on somewhere on internet.

I had a hard time drawing it. I just didn’t dare to start. So I began with a scetch of the layout of the plants and rocks and by the time the two hours where gone I had hardly drawn anything.

Back at home I started with the drawing of the solitary cactus with shade. That looked nice. Not perfect but…

Cactus with shade

After that I tried copying the picture. It was painful and frightning but according to the teacher and the other students it’s quit a good resemblance.

Only problem with it is that the background isn’t dark enough so the scan didn’t work real good. I have to work on that one.

Cactus with rock

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You have to start somewhere (Drawing: Mushroom)

by Henk ter Heide on Tuesday February 6, 2007

in Personal

It seems that the way things look in my mind isn’t the way they look in the real world.

In my mind I simultaneously look at the bottom and at the top of an object. But it isn’t possible to draw an object that way.


I have to think a little more about mushrooms.

I’ve started a course to improve my drawing skills. Hopefully I’ll actualy learn to draw good enough to draw the pictures in my mind.

I also hope that it will learn me something about how my memory works and if there are way to improve it.

In school when you practice a poem to recite it you not only learn the poem but you also learn that repeating will improve your ability to remember. There must be some ways to improve a photographic memory, only you don’t learn them in school.

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